Fans Weigh In After Mary J. Blige Drops New Golden Giuseppe Zanotti Boots

Mary J. Blige

Photo: Getty Images

Mary J. Blige continues to make a statement with her own line of extravagant thigh-high boots.

On Monday, May 13, the Grammy award-winning singer officially released her limited-edition collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti known as "The Mary Boot." The "Good Morning Gorgeous" singer wore the reflective, rose-gold boots for the first time during her Strength of a Woman Festival in New York City on Sunday night.

“Mary J. Blige and Giuseppe just created the Mary J. Blige boot and you can get these boots tomorrow online. Monday. They are for sale,” she said per Vibe. “The Mary boot is here. Everybody has been asking, there ya go! Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!”

Mary J. Blige has been manifesting this collaboration since she rapped about her affinity to Giuseppe on "Enough Cryin" in 2006. Over the years, she never failed to impress her fans with her taste for lavish thigh-high boots. People around the world have witnessed Mary cut it up with her signature dance moves while wearing an assortment of rare boots.

Naturally, some fans were excited about the opportunity to own a pair — until they saw the price tag. The luxurious boots were priced at $1,295.00, which sparked plenty of debate among fans. Some actually thought that Blige would collaborate with a more economical name brand in lieu of luxurious brands. However, there was plenty of positive reinforcement from people who agreed that Blige could charge whatever she wanted for her high-end collaboration.

"Mary J. Blige has given labels & luxury since she stepped on the scene in the 90’s," one fan wrote. "It’s never given cheap or knockoff. ESPECIALLY her boot collection. The price point for her boot collection makes sense cause she’s not trying to give “look for less”, it’s EXPENSIVE!"

Despite the mixed reactions, Mary J. Blige and Giuseppe's boot line managed to sell out in one day. So far, Mary has not reacted to the incredible news. See what else fans had to say about the collaboration below.

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