I Hate To Believe This Happened At My Alma Mater

In all my days attending SU, I have never experienced any outward displays of racism. If I did, I probably ignored it because I was to busy with classes and my extracurricular activity - RADIO. So watching the video of the Theta Tau fraternity, I was shaken, because my thoughts of what I believed was a perfect student community is now proven false. Many times racism does not jump up and down in front of you, it is subtle and hidden. I knew of the story of the Syracuse 8, which exposed institutional racism in the SU athletic department and the campus overall. But, by the time I was attending, I thought that was ancient history. Unfortunately, it was not. Racism is pervasive in our institutions and should be called out whenever possible. Just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. We are finding more and more instances of racism being displayed outwardly due in part because of the current political climate. Those who hid their feelings of racism before are now emboldened to put them on display for everyone to see because they no longer fear retribution. We must not give up ground that we gained during the civil rights movement and over the years since the abolishment of slavery. People of good will must stand up and keep the cancer of racism in check. Here's the video of the Theta Tau fraternity. It is painful to watch, but we must all know what we are up against.     

Kenny Dees

Kenny Dees

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