Trevor Noah Argues That The 2nd Amendment Is Not For Blacks

By now many of you have heard of Emantic Bradford who was tragically killed by a white cop on Thanksgiving Day. It seems that gun violence is daily tragedy here in America. Those who are proponents of gun rights say that people should be armed to protect themselves, which I have no problem with. However, when a legally armed Black man is shot dead while trying to protect himself and others, there's a problem. Emantic was shot dead because he had a gun (legally). According to witnesses, there was no warning from police to drop the gun or any other commands. He was just shot. The police story have changed their story since the shooting. They first said that Emantic was the suspect and the officer was a hero, but they have since backed away from that statement. They have video, but so far have refused to release it. Are black men who are legally armed entitled to the same protections as a an armed white man under the second amendment? Trevor Noah has an interesting answer to that question.



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